Winds of Change:

A Tale of Bermondsey’s Survival

A Film By Eloise Stringer


Kite Making Using Cyanotypes

On site and with the help of the traders - with objects loaned from their stalls and images I had taken of the market -  I made a cyanotype on silk.

I later turned this into a kite to fly in the documentary, based on the quote: “I walked here [Bermondsey Square] one Sunday morning and I saw a lady with a kite and her child [...] she said she tried southwark park but is wasn’t windy enough!”

The kite retains echoes of the market, developed onto the silk through sun exposure and chemical reaction.

It was made in fast time - 9 minutes, and then washed in the toilets on site to stop the development.

It is a piece of material culture that tells of the present stories of the people of the market, what they sell, and what they believe to have value (in Dianne’s case royal memorabilia glasses). Of London - in loaned bottles mudlarked from the Thames, by Heather. Of the stalls that have been around for 100 years - in the shadows of the timber.
And of the bermondsey wind that blurred the images as it shifted them from time to time.